Welcome to the Pack

Green Snoot Pet Care is a small pet product business that provides natural pet treats and pet products. We are passionate about creating healthy and wholesome products for our furry friends, and take pride in the fact that we use whole ingredients in all of our products. That means no byproducts or artificial flavors. Ever. Green Snoot Pet Care is passionate about pets and their well-being, so we want to provide the best possible products for them. We are committed to providing healthy, wholesome treats that your furry friend will love.

The founder of this business cares deeply about animals, so we also donate 10% of the proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

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  • Our Mission

    To make sure pets live a quality life, natural and healthy.

  • Our Values

    Be transparent, thoughtful, and stay curious.

  • Our Vision

    Green Snoot Pet Care will be the leading natural healing and wellness care made for pets based in Traditional Chinese Medicine.